What is detoxification?

DETOXIFICATION, in short “detox”, is a widely use term, from the spiritual to the scientific field. It has been used to refer to protocols or practices from both conventional (e.g. chelation) and complementary (juice fasting, colon cleanse, etc). 

And here, it refers to detoxification in the context of human biochemistry, with its specific metabolic pathway, active throughout the human body, that processes foreign, unwanted, unneeded materials for elimination. These foreign & unwanted material including excess hormones, vitamins, inflammatory molecules, environmental toxins, prescription drugs.

Detoxification pathway involves a series of reactions, by various enzymes, that neutralize toxins, and transport them to organs, such as the liver & kidney, so that they can be excreted from the body. 

Several other mechanisms work in concert with the detoxification-enzyme-systems, to improve the efficiency or extend the function. While they are not officially part of the metabolic detoxification system, they are important for reducing toxins exposure & their unwanted effects. These include the bile system, anti-oxidation and the protection from toxin absorption in the digestive system. 

Simply said, detoxification is important for protection and balance in the body. 


  • It is because our modern lifestyle has taken its toll on our organs, refined & processed food, lack of exercise, toxic chemical, increasing stress, etc. And the main sources of toxins are our diet & the air we breath.
  • Detoxification is fundamental to any health building program. And it is about cleansing and rebuilding your whole body’s system.
  • Even if you do not have any bothering symptoms, using the nutrition that support & optimize the metabolic detoxification in your daily dietary intake, could make a difference.
  • Detoxifying process also work in optimizing your immune & lymph system.


  • Unexplained & consistent fatigue.
  • Mental confussion
  • Low grade infections
  • Bloating & constipation
  • Stubborn weight gain
  • Muscles & joints pain
  • Allergies


  • There are many detoxification programs and detoxification recipes, one that suitable for you will depend on your individual choice & needs, and your current state of health.
  • How to prepare & start detoxification process. 
  • How to do steps of whole-body-detoxification : Colon Detox, Intestinal Cleansing, Heavy Metal Detox, Kidney Detox, Gallbladder Flush, Liver Detox & Blood Cleansing.
  • How to maintain & optimize the detoxification process in your daily life. 
  • How to use nutrition to support a proper & optimize your metabolic detoxification. 
  • How to optimize your immune & lymph system.