Major-Organs Detoxification

Detoxification means resting, cleansing & nourishing the organs.

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  • There are many detoxification programs and detoxification recipes, one that suitable for you will depend on your individual choice & needs, and your current state of health.

  • How to prepare & start detoxification process. 

  • How to do steps of major-organs detoxification: Intestinal & Colon Cleansing, Heavy Metal Chelation, Kidney & Gallbladder Support, Liver Detoxification & Blood Support.

  • How to maintain & optimize the detoxification process in your daily life. 

  • How to use nutrition to support a proper & optimize your metabolic detoxification. 

  • How to optimize your immune & lymph system.     

In general, especially for those who are new to detoxification process, it is advisable to do detoxification following the steps explained below, but as every person has different dietary & lifestyle habits, they are to be applied based on individual state of health and need.



A complete detoxification processes involving some major organs. And for the body to function properly, each of the organs has to work properly and in harmony.

The main detoxification organ is the liver, where all the toxins in the blood are processed, then to be eliminated through the kidneys, intestines and colon, lungs, lymph and skin. If any of this processes is compromised, the toxins are not properly filtered and every cell in the body is adversely affected. 

Step I : Intestinal-Colon Detoxification & Heavy Metal Chelation.

Step 2 : Kidney & Gallbladder Support

Step 3 : Liver Detoxification & Blood Support

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