Kidney & Gallbladder Cleanse

Maintaining good kidney health is important for a healthy life. The kidneys are important for:

  • Toxins filters.
  • Waste elimination.
  • Water and electrolytes balance
  • Blood pressure regulation.

Bile secretion by gallbladder is important in:

  • Absorption of dietary fats and fat-soluble nutrients.
  • Major mechanism of moving metabolized toxins out of the liver and into the intestines, where they can be eliminated.

Following detoxification reactions in the liver, the toxins are removed from the body by:

  • Secreted into the intestines in bile.
  • Transported into the bloodstream for processing by the kidneys. The kidneys further filter & process toxins from circulation, excreting them from the body as urine.



This phase is done by taking prepared herbs for 5 days.

These prepared herbs will function in:

  • Soothing the kidneys & gallbladder tissues.
  • Enhance the functions of kidneys & gallbladder.
  • Softening stones in the kidneys & gallbladder, and supporting in easy passages of these stones.
  • Antiseptic & anti-inflammatory

This phase can be done separately or shortly before liver detoxification.

When this phase is use as preparation for liver detoxification, it will reduce the discomfort when doing the liver detoxification, and it is better to do it 1-2 weeks before liver detoxification.

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