Men's Health : 10 Signs of Low Testosterone


By Yulli Agnes, MD, MBiomed (AAM)

Testosterone, the major male hormone, play important roles, not just in sexual functions, but also in physical performance, body composition & brain functions. Usually, men will start experience symptoms of low testosterone when they are 50-60 years old. But due to unhealthy diet, stressful lifestyle and chemical exposure, some men will start having symptoms of low testosterone even they are in their early 30s. 

Here are the signs of low testosterone:

  1. Decreased sexual desire & performance. It is obvious. And some men will argue that they do not have “this” problem, even though they know that “this” is, in fact, no longer the same as in 5 or 10 years ago.
  2. Decreased in work performance. Some men will notice a decrease in their competitive drive to succeed & accomplish in life. 
  3. Decreased physical energy, strength & endurance.
  4. Lethargy. A state of drowsy and dull, listless and unenergetic, indifferent and lazy, apathetic or sluggish inactivity. Some men will notice that they are frequently fall asleep right after lunch or dinner.
  5. Change in body composition. More fat & less muscle. Some men will notice breast enlargement & they have a bigger belly. An evidence-based research have shown a close connection of low testosterone and diabetes. In men with low testosterone & diabetes, when the condition of low testosterone is reverse it also improve their blood sugar regulation.      
  6. Depression. Feeling sad & grumpy, lack of enjoyment of life, anxiety. 
  7. Hot flushes. Just like women in menopause. It is a sensation of warmth and flushing comes on suddenly, mostly in the head and trunk areas. Some also may experience heavy sweating and reddening of skin. Symptoms may pass quickly then end in a cold sweat, some will experience these symptoms infrequently, while others may have them frequently in a day.  
  8. Prostate enlargement. Some men experience the need to urinate urgently & frequently, especially at night; Hard to start a urine stream, weak or interrupted urine stream, especially at the end of urination.
  9. Skin & hair. Skin dryness, lack of sebum production & decreased hair growth.
  10. Decreased in height. Testosterone play an important role in bone metabolism & osteoporosis.